EPIC Broker Matt Sears Recognized as a 2019 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Matt Sears, CEBS, CMS, WELCOA Faculty
Executive Vice President
EPIC, San Mateo, Calif.

Matt Sears, Executive Vice President, EPIC Brokers and Consultants

For a home builder that acquired another, Matt Sears helped integrate hundreds of new employees to the benefits program.

He analyzed plan comparisons, costs and employee satisfaction, then created a targeted communication strategy, including web portal, mobile app, paper collateral, webinars, in-person seminars and telephone assistance.

The result? New employees seamlessly integrated into the new plan. Perhaps more importantly, those new employees got their first taste of the home builder’s strong, welcoming company culture.

“Whenever we have an employee or dependent in need of guidance or support, Sears and his team immediately drop what they’re doing and spring into action,” said the firm’s VP of human resources.

“I’ve always been so impressed and relieved that we have Sears and his team during crisis moments. Nobody is a number. Every single person is a real person.”

Sears was also instrumental for the Supercuts Franchisee Association, a collection of people who franchise the popular salon chain. In fact, Sears helped create a health plan that could work for all franchisee owners — both big and small.

Cheryl Robinson, co-owner of 48 Supercuts locations in the Southwest, said that Sears offers a personal touch in his work.

“At renewal, he shows us dollars and cents. But it’s not just about how much things cost.

Matt always asks: ‘How does this impact the hair stylist with two kids and bills to pay? What is the difference for her?’ ”

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