JLT Specialty Broker Dana Smith Recognized as a 2019 Aviation Power Broker

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Dana Smith, ANSI-ASQ
Assistant Vice President
JLT Specialty, Houston

Dana Smith, Assistant Vice President, JLT Specialty USA

“We are a small company, and things are flying all over the place,” said the CEO of one of Dana Smith’s client companies.

“The infrastructure for operating an airline is extensive, and we do not have the resources to handle our own insurance needs at the same time. That was true before we doubled our revenue through an acquisition in 2018. Dana handled all of that before, during and after.

“She became the broker of record on the existing policies, cancelling or winding down as was necessary. At the same time she had to handle a few claims for us as well. And those were multi-party claims.”

Another client had a placement that might seem uninsurable: an international aerospace competition.

Flight teams are required to provide proof of insurance, but most do not have it, so Smith worked with the clients, their carriers and with the organizations sponsoring the competing teams to get them covered on a one-off policy.

“We have teams and people coming in from all over the world,” said the general counsel for the client. “And we have to have coverage that all of them can afford, even college students. There is a lot of work with our organization and with our insurers, but also with the teams and their organizations.”

Most clients rave about their brokers’ availability, but one testified they needed a certification of insurance on Christmas Eve. Smith was in a deer blind in the Texas Hill Country but was able to get the certificate from the field so the client could secure their charter.

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