Gallagher Broker Bill Powell Recognized as a 2019 Education Power Broker

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Bill Powell, ARM
Area Executive Vice President
Gallagher, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Bill Powell, Area Executive Vice President, Gallagher

With more than 25 years in the brokerage business, it’s no wonder Bill Powell knows his stuff.

“When we need coverage that is out of the ordinary, Bill takes the time necessary to research, work with the underwriters to obtain the coverage and meet with us to explain it in detail,” said Jolie Beulle, insurance & claims specialist at Wheaton College.

For Wheaton’s special foreign coverage last year, Powell printed out his research and gave a detailed presentation in person. Wheaton was expecting a 19 percent increase in premiums, but Powell worked hard to bring in another international service provider, and that projected increase was actually flat, said Dan Clark, the college’s director of risk mnagement.

“His understanding of Wheaton College and the culture here — to meet with the vice president of finance and to make sure the mission of the college is ingrained in the process — it’s difficult to do that as well as Bill has.”

James Prince, VP for business & finance, Kalamazoo College, has known Powell for years, working with him at three different colleges over his career.

“Bill is the kind of person who brings value to each institution. He has a strong understanding of higher ed and brings a high level of knowledge from a risk standpoint. He’s dedicated to risk mitigation and ensuring our students, faculty and staff have safe facilities. Bill doesn’t wait for us to reach out. He’s there, always available and quick to respond to our questions,” Prince added. “I can’t think of a more worthy [Power Broker® award] recipient than Bill Powell.”

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