Aon Broker Chris Shorter Recognized as a 2019 Renewable Energy Power Broker

Chris Shorter
Senior Vice President
Aon, Houston

Chris Shorter, Senior Vice President, Aon

“Chris has an impressive technical knowledge and has been obtaining improvements to our casualty program this year,” said one risk manager of Aon’s Chris Shorter.

“This year in particular, we had an outstanding renewal and Chris was instrumental to our success. We had a good rate reduction to the primary program this last renewal. Also, Chris came up with a new structure to the excess liability tower to give us the best terms and conditions.”

A client with a large fleet of vehicles had two large claims in recent years. That made the 2018 renewal particularly challenging. Because of the state of the automobile market, the client was projected to incur a steep rate increase, impacting overall premium spending.

Options were tight. Shorter had conducted a comprehensive marketing initiative only two years prior, so a new marketing push wasn’t likely to be productive.

Instead, Shorter went to the incumbent with extensive details on the client’s safety program, including changes that had been made to minimize the risk of future occurrences.

Shorter also contacted the underwriter that had lost that account as a result of the marketing effort, let them know they had an opportunity to win it back, and reminded them why the effort was worth their while.

It took about a month of negotiations, but Shorter was able to get the auto line placed with just a single digit rate increase, and without increasing the retention. This was not only a win on the auto, but it also assisted in keeping the umbrella premium down.

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