Johnson, Kendall & Johnson Broker Kevin Dougher Recognized as a 2019 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Kevin Dougher
Vice President
Johnson, Kendall & Johnson Inc., Newtown, Pa.

Kevin Dougher; Vice President; Johnson, Kendall & Johnson Inc.

In 2018, Kevin Dougher and his team successfully completed a five-year journey to move Legacy Treatment Services’ workers’ compensation insurance program from the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan to a private plan, albeit with a large deductible. Then this year, the plan transitioned to a stable, guaranteed-cost workers’ comp product.

The client is also now working with Johnson, Kendall & Johnson’s proprietary risk management platform, which helps eliminate losses or successfully manage losses to a favorable outcome when they do occur.

Legacy Treatment Services is now positioned to have control over its cost of insurance without stressing its balance sheet.

“Kevin is a phenomenal resource for our organization,” said Roy Leitstein, CEO at Legacy Treatment Services. “Over the last several years he’s helped implement successful strategies for us to be both proactive in terms of risk management and more effective at being reactive to scenarios that we face.”

Qindi Shi, CFO at Oaks Integrated Care, said that she’s considered to be “one of those people who are very difficult to work with — I want to know exactly what I’m buying, exactly what’s covered, and I want to be able to compare prices.”

“Kevin does exactly that,” Shi said. “He goes out to bid every year on his own and he negotiates to get us the best deal.”

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