Gallagher Broker Paul Pousson Recognized as a 2019 Education Power Broker

Topics: Education

Paul Pousson, ARM
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Austin, Texas

Paul Pousson, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher

“Paul has a unique and thorough understanding of building a risk program for what we are and what we do,” said Daniel Harper, vice chancellor and CFO, Texas State University System.

The university partnered with Gallagher in December 2017 with the condition that Paul Pousson get them into the underwriting markets by early January 2018.

Pousson was able to organize a three-day event with international markets and a two-day event with domestic, enabling Harper to sit down with more than 30 underwriters to talk about the university system in advance of the April 30 renewal date.

Another higher ed client’s automobile insurance program was challenging. So much so, their current carrier wasn’t planning on renewing in what is a very tight market. “Paul didn’t accept that and was able to negotiate another year of coverage,” said Steve Bryant, managing director, risk management, Texas Tech University System.

Always looking to the future, Pousson brought up the idea of self-insuring at the next expiration. “Not many brokers will bring a renewal to the table and immediately start on the next year.”

A third client said, “Paul has got the strongest work ethic I’ve ever seen in any employee.” He has a deep understanding of what universities need, and he’s got the mind to think of innovative solutions, said the client. “He understands higher education and the health care environment,” which is where the university conducts most of its research.

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