Alliant Broker Brian Taich Recognized as a 2019 Real Estate Power Broker

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Brian Taich
Senior Vice President
Alliant , Chicago

Brian Taich, Senior Vice President, Alliant

Jessica Minton, project manager at DRW Real Estate Investments, had several different policies issued by various carriers to cover a portfolio of properties.

Expiration dates were all over the place, and she wanted a program that would catch all the properties, both on the property and the liability sides. She gave Brian Taich this mission in August, aiming at a November renewal.

“We wanted a program that was limited to a couple of carriers to make our lives easier,” Minton said. Brian pulled it off, and also reduced rates in both property and general liability.

“He got rid of certain exclusions and increased certain limits, and we have been able to line up all the carriers, so we do not have excess umbrellas sitting over our primary layers.”

Barry Howard, the CFO of Core Spaces, said Taich strives to get good coverages for the company while keeping its global strategy in mind. Taich helped Core Spaces reduce gaps in coverages and has contributed to the company’s processes in other ways, too.

“Brian created a template where all the key metrics and data points of our projects are put into a spreadsheet,” Howard explained. “Brian can go around the different carriers and talk about quotes based on only one core document. He saw there was a problem in communication and solved it on his own initiative.”

Jennifer Albert, the CFO at LG Construction + Development, also highlighted his communication skills: “He is very knowledgeable and can explain insurance issues with patience and very thoroughly.”

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