Alliant Broker Mark Patrick Recognized as a 2019 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Mark Patrick
First Vice President
Alliant Insurance Services, Spokane, Wash.

Mark Patrick, First Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

It’s no secret that saving money is crucial in the education sector. The Washington Education Association (WEA) certainly got cost-savings help through a creative offering led by Mark Patrick. He helped launch the Premera Education Pool in 2017-18 to great success, with 25,000 enrolled employees in its first year.

The new alternative saved the member school districts approximately $20 million in combined premiums while enhancing benefits for all pool participants. It’s now on its way to becoming the largest individually purchased educational pool in the state.

For another client, the Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority, Patrick has kept health care costs in check for its growing employee base that now numbers more than 2,000.

In fact, benefits manager Deana Studnicka said they’ve only seen a 2.8 percent increase over the last 11 years.

“Mark is constantly saving us money,” said Studnicka. “He knows everybody in this town.”

Another client, Kim Maupin of Mortenson Dental Partners, said that once she started working with Patrick years ago, she never stopped — even when she changed jobs or he changed brokerages.

“Every time I’ve gotten a new position, I’ve hired him,” said Maupin. “If I changed positions again, I’d find a way to work with him. He’s upfront, honest and never steers me in a direction just because it’s better for him. He wants what’s best for our business, no matter what.”

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