Marsh Broker Trish Kawa Recognized as 2019 Construction Power Broker

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Trish Kawa, Project Risk Leader, Marsh

Trish Kawa, ARM, CRIS
Project Risk Leader
Marsh, Boston

A client of Trish Kawa’s tasked her with researching three years of workers’ comp data that an insurer had misreported. The errors negatively affected the experience mod of one of the client’s providers. Kawa “spent a tremendous amount of time to research and reconcile all the proper reported payrolls by project, class code and state,” the client said. That “generated about $1.2 million of found WC premium refunds — a major windfall.”

For New York University, Kawa quickly pulled together a six-year owner-controlled insurance program that is saving NYU 30 percent of the cost a contractor would have billed, noted Michael Liebowitz, senior director of insurance and risk management.

“In addition, we were provided expert safety services as part of the premium,” which increases savings and will attract better contractors, Liebowitz said.

Another client with a major upcoming project adamantly opposed an OCIP because of a bad prior experience. But Kawa refused to go away quietly without underscoring the problems with that mindset, the client noted. Kawa “was able to explain the benefits of uniform coverage with excellent carriers,” the client said. She also illustrated the client’s insurance requirements of engaging small women- and minority-owned contractors could not be met unless those firms benefited from an OCIP’s cost savings.

To assuage the client, Kawa proposed a general liability OCIP with no workers’ comp coverage, the source of the client’s previous negative experience.

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