Marsh Broker Niki Tsalikis Recognized as a 2019 Pharmaceutical Power Broker

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Niki Tsalikis, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Niki Tsalikis, ARM
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Morristown, N.J.

Given the recent media coverage of the opioid crisis, the CFO of a pharmaceutical company with a sizeable opioid portfolio was concerned about the firm’s 2018 product liability insurance renewal. He was expecting a significant premium increase, as well as coverage limitation.

As part of the regular process, Niki Tsalikis and her team had a pre-renewal strategy meeting with the client a few months in advance of the renewal deadline.

As part of the discussion, the client explained how the company’s portfolio was different in terms of dosage form and its purpose — the opioids were being used as medication-assisted treatment in addiction clinics. Moreover, the client had a clean claim history.

Tsalikis suggested informing carriers of this differentiation would be valuable in the renewal discussions. The client prepared and gave a great presentation to potential carriers during the marketing of the program.

The result was outstanding: Not only did the client have multiple carriers to choose from, they but also achieved a 42 percent reduction compared to existing premium — significant for a company of its size — as well as improved coverage.

“We’ve had an excellent partnership with Niki,” said the client.

Tsalikis has been handling life science accounts — pharmaceuticals, biotechnology firms and medical device manufacturers — for nearly three decades. She learns by immersing herself in each company’s business — including reading the client’s 10K or 20F.

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