Marsh Broker Rose Proby Recognized as a 2019 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Rose Proby
Senior Vice President, Head of Fine Art
Marsh, London

Rose Proby, Senior Vice President, Head of Fine Art, Marsh

“This year happened to be a year of dynamic change,” said Charles Reno, VP, risk management, Sotheby’s.

Broker Rose Proby was tasked with some major changes from Sotheby’s: Negotiate 14 different renewal options while facilitating approval support for a new art collector’s New York-based storage facility, all while securing a global art risks cover program for the record-breaking wine division that Sotheby’s recently entered.

“Her team provided us with extraordinarily clear diagrams of the year-over-year savings. When putting together our renewal program, Rose spoke with over 40 individual representatives who make up our program. And getting 40 representatives to the table is a Herculean feat itself,” Reno said.

“We have an eight-hour time difference, and I still get an almost always immediate response,” said Linda Somerville, risk manager, The J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty needed to increase its limits in what Somerville described as a very hard market.

Proby was able to increase coverage within 48-hours. “She loves art, so she understands art and the nuances behind it. It’s not just a desk that needs to be insured; its Louis XVI’s desk that needs to be insured. She knows her stuff.”

A third client said her institution’s policy is placed on behalf of a department that understands very little about insurance. “Rose responds to the wide variety of queries and concerns [that] come her way immediately and is able to explain in a way that speaks the language of her clients.”

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