Marsh Broker Harry Wallace Recognized as a 2019 M&A Power Broker

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Harry Wallace
Vice President

Harry Wallace, Vice President, Marsh

Among his clients, Marsh’s Harry Wallace is known as an innovator in the art of placing insurance to cover tax liabilities and other obstacles that could scotch a deal if left unaddressed.

“Reps and warranty insurance is still a relatively new product, and lawyers and clients are still getting their arms around how it works,” one client said. “

Harry really adds value by rolling up his sleeves and taking the time to walk through hypotheticals and make suggestions. He does a good job of educating his clients on how to get the most value out of the policy.”

Wallace is viewed as an innovator in creating dedicated tax insurance policies that cover an acquirer if the tax liabilities in a merger or acquisition prove to be greater than anticipated.

He is also credited with creating antitrust policies [along with AIG] that cover the dealmakers for their expenses should regulators decide the deal violates federal antitrust laws and force it to be unwound.

Brought in to assist on a large and fast-moving transaction, Wallace and his team were able to craft a multi-policy solution that insured post-transaction liabilities, enabling the deal to close successfully.

In another case, Wallace heard through the grapevine an acquisition in a foreign country was being frustrated over a perceived inability to purchase R&W insurance in that country. Wallace led a conference call with the deal team and transactional liability experts in the target country, which diffused the objections one by one and enabled the deal to proceed.

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