EPIC Broker Alexandra Forcucci Recognized as a 2019 Real Estate Power Broker

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Alexandra Forcucci, ARM
Assistant Vice President
EPIC, New York

Alexandra Forcucci, Assistant Vice President, EPIC

After the leader of her team left the company, Alexandra Forcucci took over some difficult accounts during one of the most challenging renewal periods in recent memory. And she helped clients navigate through a difficult situation in a remarkable way.

“Ally had to step up and basically do all the negotiation in a very complicated renewal,” said one director of corporate risk and insurance.

“Originally, we believed we would continue with our incumbent carrier, but it wanted to double the price, because we missed our loss ratio by a little bit. We had to go to the market at the eleventh hour, and Ally really did a nice job. We had a very robust coverage and very good prices, and Ally managed to replicate it with the new carrier.”

Another client faced a particularly tough renewal after significant losses during the hurricane season in 2017.

“It was a very tall order; we did not know where we would land. So I was quite impressed with how Ally’s contribution took us through the finish line in that contract,” said Jhenelle Andrade, the group insurance vice president at Barclays. “It was a December renewal, and Ally worked on the contract the final day of the month, when many brokers are usually on holiday.”

Another client, the risk manager at a real estate management company, stressed that young brokers like Forcucci can add value in different ways as well. He said when Forcucci took over the company’s program, she introduced new tools such as data analytics to enhance the account.

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