Gallagher Broker Bruce Tindal Recognized as a 2019 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Bruce Tindal
EVP, Chief Operating Officer
Gallagher, New York

Bruce Tindal, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, Gallagher

Bruce Tindal and his team took a social service agency client away from standard “first-dollar” insurance policies — and a total cost of risk of $7 million — and placed the agency in Gallagher’s alternative risk transfer program, where the client’s cost for excess of retention insurance is now $3.5 million.

Tindal and his team then set up a loss fund of $3 million, and their efforts saved the client $500,000. Ten months into the program, the client has paid out some $350,000 in losses and is earning interest on the loss fund.

Throughout his career, Tindal was mentored by two brokers who specialized in servicing the needs of nonprofits, particularly social service agencies.

Along with teaching him about the coverage issues facing this sector, Tindal’s mentors also taught him about the importance of personally volunteering at these agencies, participating in their fundraising events, and donating both time and money to help them achieve their missions.

“We have gotten excellent guidance and service over the past year,” said Rondel Boodram, vice president, finance, with Women in Need Inc., which provides safe housing, critical services and other programs to help New York City’s homeless women and their children.

“Bruce is always attentive, looking out for our best interest and available as a resource,” Boodram said.

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