ABD Insurance Broker Cristina Varner Recognized as a 2019 Technology Power Broker

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Cristina Varner, Senior Vice President, ABD Insurance and Financial Services

Cristina Varner
Senior Vice President
ABD Insurance

Cristina Varner’s dedication to her clients and her knowledge of their business is so deep that clients trust her to expertly tell their story to underwriters.

“Cristina can speak on my behalf all day, every day,” said a risk manager for a company in the pharmaceutical business.

This particular client’s relationship with its distribution and marketing partners is very complex. The structure demands the risk manager and the broker spend a lot of time on the phone with underwriters.

“Trying to explain our contractual obligations and the types of Fortune 100 partners we have can get very complicated to an insurer,” said the risk manager.

“They get knee deep into understanding the business that we do, where we are exposed and understanding the difference between the inherent risk in a pharmaceutical product versus the risk that can be controlled,” the risk manager said.

Another client said she has worked with Varner for five years with two different companies and has come to depend on her.

“In our annual review process, she goes the extra mile in trying to make sure we have the best options available as well as giving us really sound advice in terms of the pros and cons of each option,” this risk manager said.

For yet another pharma company, Varner went to bat with the London markets and right-sized a program with much better terms and conditions: a big win for her and the client.


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