Mercer Broker Melanie Stangl Recognized as a 2019 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Melanie Stangl
Mercer, Irvine, Calif.

Melanie Stangl, Principal, Mercer

Advantage Solutions, a 50,000-employee retail sales and marketing company, recently acquired a similarly sized business. Integrating everyone on the same benefits plan was no easy task. Doing it in just four months made the task that much harder.

But Mercer’s Melanie Stangl was more than ready. She helped Advantage develop accurate financial projections, identify potential risks, work with carriers to prepare for a mid-year open enrollment, terminate the acquired company plans, advise on potential compliance issues and provide day-to-day support.

Most importantly, she negotiated the removal of termination fees and leveraged savings from the additional plan participants. The result? Savings of more than $2.5 million in 2018, a flat combined renewal for 2019 and a successfully integrated plan.

“We only had four people on the benefits team, no outside call center, and we received around 3,000 phone calls and 3,000 emails per month,” said the company’s former head of human resources.

“Melanie is like another team member. She genuinely understands the business. There aren’t words to describe the support we got from her. Now we can answer all those phone calls and emails, our claim renewals are flat and we’re being proactive vs. reactive with regard to communications.”

For the County of Orange, Stangl negotiated a low single-digit rate cap while also securing nearly $1 million in savings for 2019.

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