Marsh Broker Martin McCluney Recognized as a 2019 Marine Power Broker

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Martin McCluney, Managing Director, Marsh

Martin McCluney
Managing Director
Marsh, New York

Martin McCluney knows the sea. He grew up in a family engaged in various shipping activities and trained for and considered a career at sea. He also knows insurance, and in the maritime category, that’s a powerful combination.

“He knows how to get things done,” said one satisfied client. “He knows who to work with to get things done. He’s been really one of the best of the best. He’s very good.”

Another client, who has a fleet of over 100 vessels of various types owned by three affiliated companies of vastly different sizes and niches, said, “We have worked with Martin for more than 20 years. … There are a lot of exposures and types of liability, and he has been able to leverage all the premium power of the three companies and put together a program that addresses all of our issues we think bring a lot of financial benefit to us.”

He brings that same level of service to new clients as well, including one who called him “nothing short of heroic” after he rebuilt their machinery program with additional coverage enhancements while saving them substantial money on premiums.

McCluney’s philosophy of customer service includes sharing knowledge with clients, keeping them informed about market, regulatory and exposure changes to minimize unpleasant surprises. It also includes being highly responsive whenever he is needed.

As one client puts it, “When you are trained and licensed to work on a ship, you are on 24/7. That’s how the business is. Martin carries that over to how he does business.”

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