EPIC Broker DeAnna Buck Recognized as a 2019 Captives Power Broker

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DeAnna Buck, AFSB
EPIC, Fresno, Calif.

DeAnna Buck, Principal, EPIC

Logistics and distribution firm Performance Team had grown to become one of the largest members of its group captive, building $3.5 million in equity and making millions of upfront cost savings in the space of just seven years.

But DeAnna Buck was convinced there was more she could do for her client. So she looked at the group’s operating expenses and performance during that period and concluded that it should employ a cell captive that would maximize its funding and provide it with the flexibility to add other lines it was currently self-funding. It would also give the company greater control of its total cost of risk outside of the group model.

In her final summary, Buck presented her client with an option to layer a high deductible policy with its own captive, thus reducing the expenses associated with its program.

It also enabled the client to customize its program to include its deductibles on fully insured policies, as well as to reduce its collateral drastically under the group model.

Another client of 10 years, Greystone Plastering, who Buck convinced to join a group captive, has also reaped the benefits of her experience.

“DeAnna is a great problem solver,” said company president Mike Stonehocker.

“She listens to the needs of the customer but is patient in allowing us to make the right decisions for our company. {She] is a smart individual who shows a great deal of applied talent in the area of captive insurance programs.”

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