Gallagher Broker Marcus Henthorn Recognized as a 2019 Public Sector Power Broker

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Marcus Henthorn, CLCS
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Marcus Henthorn, Area Vice President, Gallagher

“Marcus is the Energizer Bunny of brokers,” said Tim Vincent, program manager, VSBIT, which offers coverage and risk management services to the school districts of Vermont.

Members needed solutions when the state mandated school district consolidation. Vincent explained there were transitional school boards formed and conducting business with no staff, teachers or employees on record, yet they needed school board legal liability coverage.

Marcus Henthorn went to the reinsurance carrier and procured coverage for the boards at no additional cost to members. But that’s not what Vincent appreciates most: “Risk management was the biggest add when Marcus came on board. He works with a number of public entities. … Marcus is able to facilitate the sharing of initiatives and resources that benefit all involved.”

Like a slip, trip and fall prevention tool, noted Julie Milavec, director, Downers Grove Public Library.

Henthorn just brokered a deal for the 2018-19 winter season to include “icy conditions signs” installed around the parking lots to help reduce slip and fall claims. It was a program he started in the Vermont school districts and carried over to the library system in Illinois.

“He saw that our largest number of claims where primarily weather-related slips and falls,” said Milavec. So he obtained the signs at a reduced rate per member of their pool.

“If I have a question, I feel confident that I can go to Marcus and he’ll have an answer. And I think he puts things in terms that someone without the insurance background can understand,” added Steve Wilt, chief school business official, Wood Dale School District #7.

Read more about Marcus Henthorn’s mission to eliminate slip, trip and fall claims for his clients.

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