Aon Broker Christian Ford Recognized as a 2019 Retail Power Broker

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Christian Ford, Chief Operating Officer, Aon

Christian Ford, SCLA
Chief Operating Officer, Property Claims Advocacy
Aon, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

When Aon’s Christian Ford reviewed a client’s program, what he found wasn’t good: 11 open or pending claims dating back three years. Further analysis revealed that while each claim was partially settled, several outstanding issues — one common to nine claims — put $1.6 million at risk.

The issue had previously been referred to both an independent adjuster and a forensic client, who were both adamant no payment would be considered.

Ford persevered, setting up a meeting between the client and the panel of insurers on their program. This outlined how lost revenue being claimed was earned and why it was integral to the business. A week later, there was little sign of concession.

However, follow-ups with each individual insurer and a series of discussions ultimately achieved a breakthrough. Eventually the client collected around $800,000 and put the nine open claims behind them.

“Chris takes practical approaches to claims resolution,” said Julie Flannagan, global risk management director at glass-bottle producer Owens Illinois. “Claims can involve supplying mass amounts of data and support. Chris is able to bring the conversation out of the details to a level where a reasonable discussion is able to take place with insurers.”

Said a risk manager: “Chris was an integral part of the claim team in the insurance recovery by the Virgin Island Port Authority from hurricanes Irma and Maria. He has the ability to view insurance claim issues with an unbiased approach, viewing both sides.”

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