IMA Select Broker Wesley Keating Recognized as a 2019 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Wesley Keating, AINS
IMA Select, Denver, Colo.

Wesley Keating, Producer, IMA Select

One of Wesley Keating’s clients, SOS Outreach, is a nonprofit that provides mentorship and outdoor activities to help at-risk youth “gear up for life.” Previously, each of the organization’s extreme sports activities was covered by a separate company with extensive limiting exclusions.

Keating and his team worked with Philadelphia Insurance to consolidate all lines to one company, while enhancing the client’s coverages.

The team increased the client’s sexual abuse and molestation limits, added cyber liability, increased workers’ compensation limits to $1 million, added an umbrella, added business income, and extended the accident policy to volunteers.

“Wesley has been a huge help to us this past year,” said Marty Tarantino, operations coordinator at SOS Outreach. “Better options, cheaper prices, more coverage — he has been able to assist us on all of those fronts.”

Keating’s dedication to providing stellar customer service is evident, said another client, Elizabeth Prevatte, director of finance at Attention Homes. “He takes the time to get to know the background and intricacies of the organization, and tailors his insurance recommendations to what fits best with the needs — and budget — of the organization.”

Keating has also provided exemplary service to Judaism Your Way, said executive director Wendy Aronson. “We have been able to update our policies in a way that the board and I both feel confident that should a situation arise, we are protected,” Aronson said.

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