Aon Broker Matthew Wiener Recognized as a 2019 At Large Power Broker

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Matthew Wiener
Senior Vice President
Aon, Houston

Matthew Wiener, Senior Vice President, Aon

Aon’s Matthew Wiener went to bat for three sizable clients, enabling them to close deals that would not have happened except for his expertise in reps and warranties insurance.

Wiener’s client Huntsman was involved in a highly competitive process to acquire a target business. Huntsman was required to place reps and warranties coverage to insure against possible losses arising out of breaches of reps and warranties in the underlying purchase agreement.

The uniqueness of the transaction: Huntsman was required to fully underwrite the policy before being granted exclusivity. A typical transaction would take between 10 and 14 business days. Wiener and his teammates were able to place and bind the coverage in less than a week.

Without Wiener’s work on the insurance side, Huntsman would not have been selected as the buyer; it was that simple.

For Energy Capital Partners, Weiner needed to find coverage for the acquisition of an environmental/recycling business. This is the type of business insurers tend to display a modest appetite for. Given the size of the transaction, Wiener needed to place a large tower of insurance that required four layers of coverage.

Despite the difficulty of the placement, Wiener got commitments from three markets to fully underwrite the acquisition. One client offered effusive praise for Wiener’s gift for enabling deals by advising private equity clients. He said Wiener offers knowledge of the product, even when it is not about selling a particular coverage.

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