Mercer Broker Jamil Jaffer Recognized as a 2019 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Jamil Jaffer
Mercer, Los Angeles

Jamil Jaffer, Principal, Mercer

Northrop Grumman added 14,000 employees through an out-of-state acquisition in 2018. Its carrier’s limited geographical reach left out 3,000 of the new employees, frustrating attempts to offer uniform benefits without disruption.

Jamil Jaffer proposed one solution after another, said Leslie Melton, director of health and welfare plans. Working with the carrier, he finally created something original: a “narrow network plan” that expanded the current network to include a health care system accessible to the 3,000 employees.

“He did that during renewals and the integration of carriers. He’s a master juggler while we keep throwing balls into the mix.”

SouthWest Water Company’s insurance was complicated when Mercer won the account last year, said Mark Rodriguez, vice president, human resources. The company operated in multiple states with multiple carriers.

It combined commercial and self-insurance. Its plans had multiple tiers of coverage combining employees and dependents.

Jaffer’s challenge: Bring the entire complicated plan into a single, fully-insured plan with four tiers for employee, spouse, children and family. He did it, Rodriguez said. For good measure, Jaffer also brought in the HSA the previous broker resisted.

Rodriguez expected 5 to 6 percent 2019 enrollment in that plan. Thanks to Jaffer’s communication plan, he got 13 percent. “That’s less cost for the company,” he said. “And the compensation committee is happy with me.”

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