Gallagher Broker Sean Murphy Recognized as a 2019 Hospitality Power Broker

Topics: Hospitality

Sean Murphy, AAI, ARM
Senior Director, Hospitality Practice,
Gallagher, Houston

Sean Murphy, Senior Director, Hospitality Practice, Gallagher

When Hurricane Irma tore across Florida, Puerto Rico and other regions in September 2017, it created a sizeable workload for broker Sean Murphy.

“Sean has settled, or is in the process of settling, more than $91 million in property and BI claims due to Irma, with six of his major clients suffering losses,” reported Wesley Brandt, president of Wes Brandt Insurance Consulting.

“All are complex, but none were contested due to a comprehensive team of professionals and resources managing the claims.

“Sean is a student of manuscript forms and negotiates the smallest details of policy wording to accomplish the risk transfer and retention goals of his clients. He travels more than 80,000 miles each year to see them — sometimes several times a quarter — to solve problems they have raised.”

This expertise saw Murphy take on a leadership role, providing insurance and risk management advice to both sides of a contested $5 billion-plus takeover of one of the U.S.’s leading hotel REITs.

Following the approved purchase, he and his team were asked to create a comprehensive risk management program for the combined company. This will include placement of most of the insurance in what is now a 60-plus hotel portfolio, all upscale and large properties across the U.S., most located in high CAT zones, which fortunately are Murphy’s specialty.

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