Aon Broker David Christian Recognized as a 2019 Real Estate Power Broker

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David Christian, ARM
Senior Broker
Aon, New York

David Christian, Senior Broker, Aon

David Christian employed a variety of strategies to reduce the impact of last year’s hurricanes on policy renewals faced by clients.

Chris Eng, EVP and CRO, Summit Hotel Properties, stressed how Christian helped the company to obtain favorable conditions on a multi-layered, complex property program that had significant exposures in Florida.

By restructuring the layers of the program and feeding information to carriers about the hurricane affected assets, Christian was able to generate competition for the program and to obtain flat rates at its renewal.

In the case of Apollo Management Holdings, Christian suggested the client strive to lock in terms and conditions while the market was soft.

“We thought long and hard about it, assessing what would happen if the market moved in our favor,” said Albert Kim, Apollo’s managing director and risk manager. “We ended up hedging a proportion of our premium, although not all of it, which required David to negotiate with the carriers. It turned out to be the right move.”

More importantly, perhaps, was the fact that Christian had previously directed the client to develop its contacts with carriers, creating an environment that would pay off when negotiations got tougher.

“He provided us with an insight into the market that has been very useful. We have been able to explain current trends to our managers and partners and to think more strategically how to set up our insurance portfolio in the years to come,” Kim said.

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