Aon Broker Casey Wigglesworth Recognized as a 2019 Fine Arts Power Broker

Topics: Fine Arts

Casey Wigglesworth
Assistant Vice President
Aon, Washington, D.C.

Casey Wigglesworth, Assistant Vice President, Aon

What makes a good broker great? “I want to know that when I put the information together for an exhibition, that they will respond quickly and get all certificates of insurance together on time,” said Karen Frederick, curator of museum collections, Greenwich Historical Society.

For Frederick, Casey Wigglesworth fits that bill. The society was considering purchasing an expensive painting from a private collector and decided to house it on loan. The process set in motion two last-minute certificates of insurance.

First, to house the painting for a week, and then again for a two-month period. “Casey had to get the same certificate with the same amount of coverage for the same painting in just one week,” Frederick said.

The society had another instance where they borrowed paintings for an armory exhibition: “All I wanted to do was sleep here and make sure nothing happened to those paintings.

But Casey made sure everything was in order and taken care of on time,” said Frederick. “When we’re talking about housing major paintings — paintings worth over $1 million — I’m happy to know it’s Casey getting it done, both in transit and onsite.”

Grant Quertermous, curator, Tudor Place Historic House & Garden, couldn’t agree more: “Any curator or collections manager will tell you that objects in the museum are like children — caring for them is expensive.

“When they travel, you’re concerned about their well-being from the minute they leave your museum until the minute they return. Casey shares that concern, so I always feel better knowing she’s looking out for the objects in our collection.”

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