Gallagher Broker Sollie Bartoe Recognized as a 2019 Health Care Power Broker

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Sollie Bartoe
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Nashville, Tenn.

Sollie Bartoe, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher

When Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp. merged last year with a health care system, its master group medical practice liability policy was ready for the new physicians. That’s because of Gallagher’s Sollie Barto. Under Baptist’s prior structure, claims could pit doctor against employer, said Rodney Betts, VP, finance.

Bartoe established a group policy that provided appropriate limits for each doctor’s specialty; an excess program, which allowed Betts to sleep at night; and the “consent to settle” provision eliminated adversarial claims.

Bartoe collaborated with the New Mexico Hospital Association on the New Mexico Patient Compensation Fund, under which hospital professional liability losses are limited to $600K.

But Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center was ineligible for the program.

Bartoe developed a fix: A wrap-around liability program for hospital professional, general and universal life. Under the plan, said CEO Jim Heckert, cases go before a panel of physicians. “It’s a fairer litigation process. Sollie made it available to small, independent hospitals like us.”

Nonprofit NorthCrest Medical Center discovered water gushing from corroded underground pipes that were too old for an insurance payout. Bartoe knew how to retrofit without disruptive excavation. And the kitchen leak “wasn’t covered, but he fought for months. If he couldn’t do it, it couldn’t be done,” said CFO Kim Pridgen. “Sollie’s the one I call for honest feedback and advice.”

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