Alliant Broker Jonathan Gilbert Recognized as a 2019 M&A Power Broker

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Jonathan Gilbert, Managing Director, Alliant

Jonathan Gilbert
Senior Managing Director

As the long-time M&A practice leader at Crystal & Co., Jonathan Gilbert provided risk management advice for more than 2,000 transactions. In April, privately held Crystal announced it was being acquired by Alliant, but Gilbert will remain at Old Slip in Lower Manhattan.

Recently, Gilbert went to bat for an events management company that suffered a series of financial setbacks.

The company was attempting to sell its portfolio company. But there was a concern that related-party debt would be considered equity by the IRS, and therefore, interest, which was deducted from taxable income over an 11-year period, would be reversed for tax purposes. The exposure amounted to $40 million.

The buyer, of course, had no appetite for taking on an enormous tax bill. Numerous insurance brokers told them risk transfer in this case was an impossibility. The buyers then reached out to Gilbert.

After five months of negotiations, he got it done, delivering a risk solution that allowed the seller to get realization on a 10-plus year investment. This turned the deal into a sweet one for the acquirer.

“I think he very clearly understands the philosophical requirements we have from an insurance perspective, and then he is able to approach it pragmatically from a product perspective in the marketplace,” said one CFO.

“He’s got an extensive, wide knowledge, and on the very rare occasion he needs to research, he always does it quickly,” he said.

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