JLT Specialty Broker Aaron Baum Recognized as a 2019 Entertainment Power Broker

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Aaron Baum, ARM
Vice President
JLT Specialty, Chicago

Aaron Baum, Vice President, JLT Specialty

Vice Media has grown to become an international digital and broadcasting company with unique insurance requirements.

These are catered to by Aaron Baum, VP of JLT Specialty USA, who put together a custom-tailored global risk program for Vice, providing 16 lines of coverage covering the client’s feature film and television operations in 33 countries.

Each film, television show or live event presents its own set of exposures, which extend to the world’s danger zones as he has also procured coverage for television productions filming in war-torn nations such as Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

Baum and his team also created a program for TV production company Roush-Wagner, the name behind Showtime at the Apollo, and assisted events producer LiveStyle in constructing a global program for outdoor music festivals around the world.

“Having worked with Aaron more than 10 years, he has made my job in production a lot easier by always providing solutions to difficult situations,” said Jim Roush.

“From dealing with live ammunition being fired on a competition reality set to dealing with an A-list musician being sick and losing a week of shooting, Aaron always handles everything with a calm demeanor and positive attitude. I know my back — and other areas — is covered.”

Trevor L. Mattice, an associate at Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf and Cunningham agrees. “It is difficult to properly insure risk if you do not have a comprehensive understanding of the business. Aaron’s ability to connect the dots sets him apart.”

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