Gallagher Broker Mark Munroe Recognized as a 2020 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Mark Munroe, Area Vice President, Gallagher 

Mark Munroe
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Lafayette, Calif.

When the Bay Area Children’s Theatre wanted to throw a baby rave, otherwise known as a kid-friendly dance party, its broker not only helped insure it, but he also fully embraced the silly event.

Supporting his clients’ creativity is just one of the things Mark Munroe does well. Protecting them from the woes of a difficult market and increasing premiums is another.

“In addition to the labor laws in California changing, our underwriter sent an auditor to look at things. The result was potentially a six-figure premium,” said Gary Peare, the theatre’s managing director.

After fighting with underwriters annually, things suddenly turned around for the organization. The difference? Munroe stepped in and negotiated an additional premium that was a fraction of the original request from the underwriter, saving the organization over $100,000.

He also found a new underwriter that worked on a pay-as-you-go basis, so it was not only able to predict workers’ comp costs but cut them by 25%.

“He’s an extremely patient listener, and he has always been helpful when it comes to explaining things that I don’t understand,” said Peare.

Peare also praised Munroe for contributing to his clients’ causes, recalling when he brought his child to one of the baby raves. “It’s nice to know he supports our organization.”

Munroe achieves results and exceeds expectations. And with his help, baby raves are sold out until April.

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