DeWitt Stern Broker Kristina Marcigliano Recognized as a 2020 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Kristina Marcigliano, Senior Account Executive, DeWitt Stern, a division of Risk Strategies

Kristina Marcigliano, CLCS
Senior Account Executive
DeWitt Stern, New York

There are a lot of last-minute insurance issues in fine arts, said Andrew Dintenfass, director of Terry Dintenfass Inc. and The Arthur Dove Catalogue Raisonné Project.

“We’ve been working on a multi-year project, a raisonné of the artist Arthur Dove,” he explained. A raisonné catalogues the details of an artist’s paintings, where and when they’ve exhibited and the chain of ownership. “There are certain liabilities that come with compiling this data relating to authenticity, and research teams need to be protected.”

Broker Kristina Marcigliano acquired a media liability policy for Dintenfass, covering defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright and plagiarism.

“This type of coverage is hard to get, and Kristina worked hard on our behalf. She was very diligent about it,” said Dintenfass.

Larry Giacoletti, registrar & collections manager, The Noguchi Museum, also respects the tireless efforts of Marcigliano. “I don’t make a move unless I hear from Kristina,” he said.

“Our collection policy has grown in size and shape. It’s helpful to have her professional set of eyes looking it over, too.” This year, Noguchi had a show out of state. Giacoletti was out of office when a piece was damaged.

“I sent the exhibition agreement to Kristina, and she answered all my questions from hundreds of miles away and with cheer,” he said. “With her, I never feel like I’m left listlessly drifting with questions.”

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