EPIC Insurance Broker Tony Sandfrey Recognized as a 2020 Environmental Power Broker

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Tony Sandfrey, Environmental Practice Leader, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Tony Sandfrey, CRM
Environmental Practice Leader
EPIC Brokers, Atlanta

In the past, some of Tony Sandfrey’s clients have dealt with brokers who show up at renewal and then disappear for a year.

But they don’t get that with Sandfrey. He’s proactive, they say, helping them improve the policies that are already in place.

For a client with a three-year environmental liability policy, Sandfrey helped it improve the coverage it had before the policy ended. When it came time for renewal, he “completely restructured the program.”

During the renewal he was able to increase the limits and get it a premium reduction. Additionally, he worked with an attorney to improve the policy language so that his client could be sure it would be covered in the event of a pollution release.

“Tony was able to really tighten up the language in the policy to make sure we didn’t have any issues,” the client said.

Navigating renewals isn’t Sandfrey’s only skill, however. He’s a valuable asset for his clients when claims arise. For instance, a client with a 10-year policy had an issue with a claim when they found out their policy had differing deductibles listed in different places.

Sandfrey worked with the underwriters of the policy to find an outcome that worked for everyone.

“It’s really amazing what he knows,” another client said. “When he’s on the phone talking about a claim it’s just on a whole different level. It makes it easy for me as a client, because I know he can translate it so I understand.”

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