Gallagher Broker Larry Hansard Recognized as a 2020 Health Care Power Broker

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Larry Hansard, Area Director, Healthcare Practice, Gallagher

Larry Hansard
Area Director, Healthcare Practice
Gallagher, Washington, D.C.

Larry Hansard knows competition for physicians who staff telemedicine companies 24/7 in all 50 states is fierce.

So Hansard taps into his deep knowledge of the telemedicine/digital health niche to serve his clients and help them attract much-needed professional staff.

His work with Enzyme Health is one example. In 2019, the company launched Enzyme On Demand, enabling telemedicine providers to address staffing needs by tapping into a pre-established network of providers who are paid on a fee basis.

One way to attract and maintain staff is to provide medical professional liability insurance. With their knowledge of the telehealth/digital health space, Hansard and his team put together a program addressing Enzyme Health’s needs and exposures and found insurance in the London marketplace.

“Larry has a deep and nuanced experience of the industry,” said Griffin Mulcahey, president of Enzyme Health Inc.

“Many brokers apply the same cookiecutter policies for traditional hospitals to the virtual care environment. Larry and his team have thought deeply about the problem for many years and offer services to best meet the industry needs.”

Kelsey P. Mellard, CEO of Sitka, also appreciates Hansard’s industry knowledge. “Larry actually understands our industry and our business,” she said.

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