Alliant Broker Cara McGrath Recognized as a 2020 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Cara McGrath, Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Cara McGrath
Vice President
Alliant Insurance Services, Boston

“Cara was attentive, pre-emptive and responsive on all our insurance needs on a unique project overseas,” said a client.

“The region was a relatively untested and a challenging market for insurance companies.

She was not simply a broker but a true advisor, as well as a sounding board to discuss emerging risks and mitigating measurers, manage unplanned scenarios and implement required changes to the insurance cover for the project.”

As with many construction projects, there can be delays for one reason or another. Usually that does not drastically affect the insurance program, but the market was beginning to harden with some carriers exiting the energy and construction sectors.

The effective date for coverage was pushed back and was beyond the “quote is valid for 30 days” deadline. The client understood that markets were within its right to change the terms as the delays continued to drag along.

McGrath was nonetheless able to negotiate with carriers to keep changes to a minimum without greatly impacting premium or the lender covenants.

“Cara was a tremendous asset this summer when we closed on a massive new asset,” said one managing director of finance. “The whole transaction was more than a billion dollars. Cara helped us every step of the way by interacting with the insurance markets.

“Her experience and professionalism enabled my team to focus on other areas, because I knew Cara had our insurance covered,” they said.

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