Marsh Broker Erika Almquist Recognized as a 2020 Private Client Power Broker

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Erika Almquist, Vice President, Client Advisor Manager, Marsh

Erika Almquist, CPCU, CIC
Vice President, Client Advisor Manager
Marsh, Palm Beach, Fla.

Along with the benefits of fame and money come the challenges of insuring unique risk at a fair premium.

Throughout much of his career, radio personality Rush Limbaugh has typically had to “accept whatever has been offered” either due to limited choice or insistence that government regulations offer no flexibility, he said.

But since the onset of working with Marsh’s Erika Almquist, he has consistently been offered new ideas for lowering premiums.

“She is the first agent and representative who annually offers me identical or expanded coverage options that cost less than current spending or offers increased options that are very favorable,” Limbaugh said.

One thing that has helped ease Limbaugh’s insurance concerns is his ability to trust Almquist’s representation. She doesn’t pressure him for inspections or to insure things that he doesn’t want to. The relationship has “built a high level of trust and cemented me to her agency,” Limbaugh said.

One family representative calls Almquist the “single best resource” for educating herself on the intricacies of all types of insurance.

She recalled Almquist’s work for a family that previously juggled five insurance companies to cover their 15 cars, 12 rental properties and homes in three states. Almquist was able to consolidate everything into a single program.

“It not only helped the family but also changed the way the family office does business when it comes to insurance,” they said. “She never makes anyone feel like they’re just a part of the portfolio and understands families’ needs and high expectations.”

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