Aon Broker Allyson Coyne Recognized as a 2020 M&A Power Broker

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Allyson Coyne, Managing Director & Senior Broking Officer, Aon

Allyson Coyne
Managing Director & Senior Broking Officer
Aon, Radnor, Pa.

One of Allyson Coyne’s manufacturing clients has been in an acquisitive mood of late.

With multiple transactions per year, the company has come to rely on her policy-crafting expertise in the area of reps and warranties insurance.

So valued has Coyne become for the company that our source’s colleagues in corporate development ask for her when they are anticipating making a deal.

The client, a senior risk manager, recalls getting a phone call on a Friday at around 7 p.m. that a deal was imminent.

He got on the phone with Coyne and there was a binder by the following morning. Needless to say, much work was done in the wee hours of the morning.

“She has been very helpful in identifying the two to three companies that are providing the best terms,” the client said.

“But I think more importantly, when we select an insurer and we are working on the coverage forms, she has been very helpful in modifying some wording to our favor,” he added.

“What is exceptional about her is her ability to walk us through very tight timelines and placement of reps and warranties insurance policies,” said another client.

“She was always available to assist and provide input,” she continued. “She was able to manage the process and the deal team in a very efficient manner that made us comfortable in this process.”

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