Mercer Broker Stephanie Beach Recognized as a 2020 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Stephanie Beach, Principal, Mercer

Stephanie Beach, ASA
Mercer, Austin

One of the many reasons Stephanie Beach’s clients love her is because she saves them money. In 2019, she saved several of them more than $1 million.

For one, she accomplished this within four months of signing them. For another, she’s following that initial $1 million by finding a new medical and pharmacy vendor that is projected to save them another $3 million.

And she manages to accomplish all this while building in stronger vendor accountability, improving customer service and account management and helping improve clients’ internal coordination between the HR and finance teams.

Another reason clients love her is her vast knowledge of the industry. A senior actuarial consultant with over 20 years of experience, who sits on several boards and belongs to a variety of relevant associations, said Beach stays current with market data and trends.

“One of my favorite things is when people can get ahead of the market, because I don’t want to be chasing it the whole time,” said Jig Grooms, SVP for HR at Epicor Software. “I love that she has the foresight to get ahead of market trends.”

But maybe most important is Beach’s unsurpassed customer service: “I truly feel like she cares about us as a company and as individuals, not just as an account,” said Grooms.

“She makes us feel like we’re literally her only client, which I know is not the case. But to have the ability to show that level of customer service and customer focus is just amazing to me.”

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