Predict & Prevent® Podcast Episode 10: Early Warning System for Flash Floods

Previsico's hydrodynamic modeling and onsite sensors predict localized flash floods, helping insurers and customers manage risk more effectively
By: | July 1, 2024
Predict & Prevent Ep. 10: Previsico

Using advanced flood modeling technology to predict when storms will cause severe surface flooding can give business and communities the early warning they need to protect their assets, deploy mitigation efforts and get out of harm’s way.

In the Predict & Prevent® podcast’s latest episode, “Flood Tech Prevents Flash Flood Surprises,” host Pete Miller, CEO of The Institutes, talks with Dr. Avi Baruch, co-founder of Previsico, a company that provides early warning systems for surface water or pluvial flooding, which is the largest flood risk and one that often catches people off guard.

Previsico’s technology, developed from a successful research project at Loughborough University in the U.K., offers up to 48 hours advance warning of flooding. The system uses live hydrodynamic modeling and onsite sensors to predict where flooding is most likely to occur.

“So we’ve got our own IoT devices where we’re monitoring what’s happening on the ground with our own devices, as well as other existing devices. And then we’re running continuous simulations to be able to forecast exactly where in the current conditions where we expect flooding to occur,” Baruch said.

The company’s primary customers include large infrastructure companies, social housing, local governments, and retail and real estate sectors.

Baruch highlighted the importance of the technology in complementing existing government warning systems, which are typically effective for large river systems or coastal storm surges but often fall short in predicting localized flash floods caused by heavy rainfall overwhelming local drainage systems.

“The challenge with all history is, again, we are living in a very changeable world and what used to flood actually might not always be what’s now going to flood in the future,” Baruch explained.

The company, which started in the U.K., expanded to the U.S. in 2023 and currently is operating in 11 states. It works closely with insurers to provide early warnings and practical insights to their customers, reducing overall risk and potential loss.

Baruch emphasized the opportunity for insurers to get closer to their customers through better communication and risk management.

“The better you are at risk management, the lower your risk in theory should be, but that doesn’t always happen because it’s all about how you tell your story and how you sell your own risk to your insurer,” he said.

Previsico’s technology offers a win-win solution for insurers and their customers, enabling better risk management, fostering closer relationships focused on prevention, and ultimately reducing the impact of flooding.

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