Alliant Broker Joseph Cafferelli Recognized as a 2020 At Large Power Broker

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Joseph Cafferelli, Executive Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Joesph Cafferelli
Executive Vice President
Alliant, Phoenix

Sometimes a good insurance program is paramount for the very existence of a business. So when it became ever harder for investment firm Outlier Capital to find liability coverages for one of its franchise businesses, they were just glad that they could count on Joseph Cafferelli, the executive vice president at Alliant Insurance Services.

“We have a family entertainment business where safety is critical, and changes in the insurance made it a very challenging sector for insurance,” said James Colyer, the managing partner and CFO at Outlier.

It was not a trivial matter. The company in question has over 150 franchisees that, if it could not renew its liability coverages, would not be able to stay in business.

But Cafferelli and his team devised a structure where insurance was arranged at the franchisor level, reducing the risk from individual franchisees and enabling a reduction of 20% to the client’s insurance program.

He had recently switched brokers, and did not regret the decision, as Cafferelli also helped Outlier to streamline the several different insurance programs it had across its portfolio of companies. Neither did John Meloun, the CFO of XPonential Fitness, who has also recently started to work with Cafferelli and promptly adopted his suggestions to enhance the company’s insurance structure.

“Joe came in and actively assisted in managing me through the renewal,” he said.

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