Beecher Carlson Broker Diane Bidek Recognized as a 2020 Real Estate Power Broker

Topics: Real Estate

Diane Bidek, CPCU, ARM
Vice President
Beecher Carlson, Atlanta

Diane Bidek, Vice President, Beecher Carlson

Corporate budgets usually start on Jan. 1, but insurance renewals often do not, creating a budgetary headache for companies with changing real estate portfolios. Tackling the challenge may not be glamorous work, but it is critical for companies that want to allocate insurance costs fairly across properties.

It was a challenge Diane Bidek took on for cold-storage company Americold, which wanted to update its allocation model. Bidek quickly realized the model was obsolete, said Ellen Brunner, the company’s risk management director.

“She took the initiative to just do a whole new one. It was quite an undertaking in a short time frame, and she did a great job,” said Brunner.

Bidek’s technical expertise also made an impression on the risk manager for a privately held manager and owner of multi-family real estate. The firm needed a way to anticipate costs for properties the firm was looking to add to its portfolio in the future, the risk manager said. Bidek came up with one.

“It would have been difficult operationally for me to have one invoice and then eventually another one. I felt like she handled that really well,” the risk manager said. “It was way more seamless to everybody involved.”

Bidek also capably handles the routine needs of the growing firm, the risk manager said. “I can tell you that when I ask her to make sure that the lenders have what they need for the closing, I never have to worry about it.”

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