Aon Broker David A. Johnson Recognized as a 2020 Real Estate Power Broker

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David A. Johnson
Managing Director
Aon, New York

David A. Johnson, Managing Director, Aon  

As it began to add franchises outside the U.S., residential real estate firm Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices did not want its insurance requirements to get lost in translation.

That meant finding insurance coverage in other countries that matched what Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices required of its U.S. franchisees.

After interviewing top brokers, the company hired David Johnson to lead the effort, said Claudio Prattico, managing director.

Johnson dug into the requirements. Leveraging his team and his insurer contacts, he came up with comparable policies and programs for overseas franchisees to buy into.

It was not an easy task, as some U.S. insurance products may be unknown in other countries, said Michael Jalbert, executive vice president of global field operations for HSF Affiliates, which manages the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices franchise network.

“You can’t just ask for a product by name. You have to ask what it does and how,” Jalbert said.

“That takes a fair bit of patience and creativity.”

Johnson’s creativity also helped a global time-share operator sift through its master and local policies to identify overlaps in coverage — leading to a reduction in costs.

“Any time you can save money, that’s a good thing,” said the company’s risk manager. “We have a lot of different policies in place, so every little bit helps.”

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