Marsh Broker Owen Oakley Recognized as a 2020 Transportation Power Broker

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Owen Oakley, Senior Vice President, Marsh 

Owen Oakely
Senior Vice President
Marsh, San Francisco

A problem for risk professionals working in industries that involve more than one business sector is that it’s hard to find well-versed experts.

For a company that utilizes artificial intelligence and trucking, the risk exposure speaks for itself. Thankfully, it had Owen Oakley on its side.

“He not only knows trucking, but he also knows tech,” said one client. “There’s a million people who know one or the other, but not both.”

Oakley’s strength resides in not only pleasing his own clients but also providing them with the tools to better serve their own. Especially for businesses in multiple sectors, a broker must have complete understanding of exposures in order to avoid uncovered claims.

“For us, it has always come back to: How do we unlock the most potential for our customers?” said Arthur Wei, director of finance for Wonolo, a tech-platform that helps connect companies with on-demand, skilled workers when they need them.

Wonolo utilizes independent contractors for its clients and therefore must protect themselves from liability and stay up-to-date with California labor laws.

“A lot of brokers lumped us together with different businesses. Owen found those core differences and leveraged what made us unique,” said Wei.

Mark Peterson, senior risk manager, Gates Corp said: “He informs us of products that Marsh is developing and connects us with Marsh experts when we do business internationally.”

Leveraging his company’s resources, Oakley leaves no stone unturned.

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