Gallagher Broker John Chino Recognized as a 2020 Public Sector Power Broker

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John Chino, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher

John Chino, ARM, ARM-P, CSRM
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Irvine, Calif.

The California Schools JPA often has third-party vendors and consultants entering its schools for demonstrations or presentations. But, these third parties didn’t always carry insurance to protect the schools against sexual assault should an event occur.

“This risk existed, but there was no insurance specific to cover it,” said Karla M. Rhay, CEO. So she challenged broker John Chino to find the solution. Chino spent three years creating a pool for vendors to pay into, collecting premium to cover a school in the rare event there is an incident.

“And it’s not just John’s clients who benefit,” said Rhay. “This is something that can benefit all schools.”

Another client, the Ohio Transit Risk Pool, was in the middle of its renewal when its long-term insurer said it wouldn’t cover transit vehicle replacement costs. Seeing that the pool’s business is only in transit, that could not stand.

“The way others can’t work without a building, we can’t work without our vehicles,” said CEO Barbara Rhoades. They needed a market that would cover at replacement cost, and Chino “worked tirelessly” to find that market.

Thuy Wong, CEO, CharterSAFE, also sung Chino’s praises. During the Camp Fire in California, nine of Wong’s pool members were directly impacted, resulting in a multi-million-dollar loss.

“John connected us with the insurance carrier immediately. We were one of the first back out there — within a week,” she said. “John’s not a once-a-year kind of broker. He’s a ‘how can I make sure you are getting what you need to help your members’ kind of broker.”

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