Gallagher Broker David Brockmann Recognized as a 2020 Construction Power Broker

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David Brockmann, Area Vice President, Gallagher

David Brockmann
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Albany N.Y.

David Brockmann finds cost-saving solutions for problems clients didn’t realize they had — yet.

His impact on a new client’s workers’ comp coverage within one year was so significant, the client observed: “We strongly believe our decision to change brokers in 2018 was one of the most significant and positive decisions our company has made in the past few years.”

Brockmann immediately began analyzing the client’s experience modification rating and discovered many errors in recent years. Months of work led to the insurer slicing the client’s EMR — cutting premium in half — and issuing a refund exceeding $250,000.

The client also noted its fleet insurance premiums dropped $350,000 at its last renewal because of Brockmann’s introduction of new safety policies.

For W.M. Schultz Construction Inc., Brockmann uncovered percolating problems with two subcontractors that could have greatly increased its risk exposure, noted company president William M. Schultz. In one case, Brockmann discovered a potential subcontractor’s insurer had a B rating, indicating the subcontractor is a high-risk company.

“The information David provided supported our commitment to a safe work environment,” Schultz said. “We procured this scope of work through another subcontractor.”

As part of an upcoming project with subcontracted diving services, Brockmann investigated the nature of the work and advised Schultz Construction to require the subcontractor to obtain riggers liability coverage.

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