Marsh Broker Ali Rizvi Recognized as a 2020 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Ali Rizvi, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Ali Rizvi
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Dallas

“This year, we were primarily dealing with claims,” said the chief compliance officer of a fast-growing energy company.

“We have some large-scale construction projects, so we are dealing with delay-in-start-up and damage, as well as claims from contractors. There are bound to be some claims in any large project, but a lot to handle all at once.”

But Marsh’s Ali Rizvi did a great job to coordinate all parties and get things resolved quickly, the client said.

The same client had deep sea projects internationally, which were highly complex placements that required London and European markets to be brought in at renewal.

After the program was set, one of the underwriters had to be removed from the tower because of its own issues, nothing to do with the program or project. It was almost like three-dimensional chess, because while all those shifts were in progress, the claims noted earlier were being filed, processed and paid.

The same theme was sounded by the director of project management at a client company. “As our projects have evolved, we found the need for bespoke integration of our risks,” the director said.

“As we grew and took on new lines of business, we were having to get more and more new policies.”

For example, vessels moving hydrocarbons between facilities to customers had traditionally only needed discrete hull and machinery coverage.

“As we took on more complex projects … the vessels and our operations on land became more integrated.”

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