Marsh Broker Richard Bryan Recognized as a 2020 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Richard Bryan, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Richard Bryan, OTA
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Houston

“Ricky handles part of our growing property and business interruption program,” said one risk manager.

“At the beginning of the year, our parent company decided to proceed with a very large addition of assets to us. Ricky noted one of the larger assets to be shifted to us was directly upstream of several assets of ours and thus posed a potential and possibly significant BI exposure.

“Based on that initial inquiry by Ricky, our team looked into this further and noticed a potential bottleneck immediately upstream of the core processing plants in the area, which could possibly lead to insufficient limits in the event of a loss.”

The risk manager concluded, “Once the risk engineer’s report was received, Ricky was able to show the entire system and its BI implications. We were able to determine that the limits were sufficient for the time being.

“However, this has led us to continue the investigation into the basin as a whole and are continuing the project even further. The outcome of that investigation is still pending.”

Another client needed similar guidance after an acquisition.

“We didn’t need two insurance programs,” said an insurance manager. “Ricky spent a lot of time reviewing the policy of the company we bought and comparing all the coverage wording to what we currently had. The result was a much better program because of the coverage enhancements,” they said.

“I was so impressed when I saw the numerous papers that listed all of the wording comparisons. I can’t even imagine the time he spent working on this.”

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