Oswald Companies Broker Kimberly Ferenchak Recognized as a 2020 Specialty Power Broker

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Kimberly Ferenchak, Senior Vice President, Oswald Companies

Kimberly Ferenchak
Senior Vice President
Oswald Companies, Cleveland

Kimberly Ferenchak, with the Oswald Companies, describes herself as a lifelong student of business, explaining that she “views every risk as a truly unique one.” She also emphasizes this uniqueness in her narratives to underwriters.

“In terms of business leaders, it is often said that culture trumps strategy. The same is true of risk management,” she explained.

“As such I work to understand each risk’s unique culture and convey that to the underwriting community.”

Simon Bishop of Diebold Nixdorf went into great detail regarding Ferenchak and her team’s successes for him this year, discussing how the move to Oswald saved his company $1.1 million in a tough market.

Ferenchak helped them separate the E&O and D&O policies saving them half a million, which he said was very challenging. Bishop further noted Ferenchak’s accessibility as well as her sophisticated knowledge.

In particular, he said that she was able to understand the transition in risk management style. Bishop added that Ferenchak impressed him in that she is “open and direct,” which he appreciated because she was excellent at managing expectations.

For another client, Ferenchak resurrected a complex tail policy to further extend the coverage beyond the original six-year tail to a ten-year tail on family office management and professional lability, a volatile class of business.

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