Aon Broker Elias Sakellakis Recognized as a 2020 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Elias Sakellakis, Managing Director, Aon

Elias Sakellakis
Managing Director
Aon, Boston

“Our insurance program is extremely robust compared to what it was when Aon took over the program,” said one manager of insurance and risk for a client of Eli Sakellakis.

“Specifically, this year, we have an ever-growing construction project in Texas that has developed into a huge project. As we were working to place a builder’s risk policy for the project, the task, materials and information needed for underwriting grew more regimented, complex and specific.

“That complicated the processes and made information gathering very difficult. But with Eli and his team, we were able to finalize the placement, within a very lean timeline, at reasonable acceptable terms and premiums.”

“Aon places our liability program and some property policies like construction all-risks,” said a risk and insurance manager. “Eli and his team have done extensive work to convince insurers we are not as bad of a risk as a couple of claims seem to indicate.”

Sakellakis has also taken on the responsibility of administering policies that are being placed by the client’s parent company on a global basis. “Aon had the right to refuse to do so, but they didn’t hesitate, and the fees due to Aon haven’t increased either because of that — we appreciate this very much,” said the insurance manager.

“Eli has shown his willingness to manage global policies, as much as he can, by issuing letters confirming that those are in line with the insurance requirements in certain agreements — even though he didn’t place them.”

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