Aon Broker Ammad Mahmood Recognized as a 2020 Finance Power Broker

Ammad Mahmood, Senior Vice President & Team Leader, Aon

Ammad Mahmood
Senior Vice President & Team Leader
Aon, Glen Oaks, N.Y.

Sometimes it seems that the only consistent thing in today’s risk environment is change. Brokers who rest on their laurels will quickly find themselves failing to keep their clients protected.

Ammad Mahmood understands that evolving risks, shifting markets and changes in his clients’ operations create a constant need to re-evaluate and update insurance policies and risk management strategies.

Because he stays in tune with clients’ needs and exposures all year long, he’s ahead of the game by the time renewals roll around.

“As a result of the groundwork and relationships Ammad built, the 2019 renewals were completed early and within expectations on price and coverage, while peers had less favorable results,” said the vice president of corporate insurance for a large financial company.

“Ammad was also willing and able to provide D&O 101 training to help upgrade our operational due diligence process. His ability to speak with confidence across a myriad of D&O issues with a room full of attorneys was impressive and very well received.”

Mahmood’s performance in underwriting meetings was also noted by several clients, who said he is almost always prepared with an answer or alternative proposition. If he doesn’t have an answer on hand, he quickly outlines when and how he’ll find it.

His ability to fluently discuss both risks and solutions wins the confidence of carriers and clients alike.

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