Aon Broker Christine Palomba Recognized as a 2020 Utilities Power Broker

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Christine Palomba, Senior Vice President, Aon

Christine Palomba
Senior Vice President
Aon, Providence, R.I.

Finding coverage in a hard market can be tricky for any company, but if you’re carrying wildfire exposures, you’ll need a broker like Aon’s Christine Palomba to get you through.

“The casualty insurance market is a tricky place at present for utility companies that own and operate a significant amount of transmission and distribution assets — namely due to the wildfire exposure that exists in some of our operating areas,” said one director of risk management.

“There was a significant concern regarding the availability as well as pricing for our operations. Christine was instrumental in negotiating a very satisfactory renewal for our corporation, guided and assisted us in presenting our risks, and ultimately secured pricing and terms that were more than acceptable,” the client continued.

“Considering what some of our utility peers were experiencing with their renewals, ours was deemed to be a resounding success.”

Another director of risk management added, “the market was the hardest I had seen in decades and getting worse by the week from a buyer perspective.

“In a matter of weeks, I went from wanting to increase limits to hoping to maintain expiring limits. With Christine leading the charge, I was able to renew 99% of my expiring limit with no changes in terms and conditions.”

Another client suffered an “unprecedented run of high-severity losses” and had a subsidiary in financial distress.

“Christine provided a steady hand and worked tirelessly to ensure that the markets understood the changes at our company,” the client said.

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